HPP Services Provider Is Now Known As Universal Pure

Universal Pure was recently featured in the FoodEngineering magazine. Below is an excerpt from the article, along with the link to view the original article.



October 11, 2017
Debra Schug, Editor-in-Chief

The two entities formerly known as Universal Pasteurization and Universal Cold Storage now are under one name.

The change is to reflect its long-term commitment to advancing the safety and quality of foods and beverages. The company says it will continue to provide HPP processing, cold storage and all of the same pre-HPP and post-HPP value-added services to help companies bring products produced via this non-thermal processing method to market.

FE asked Universal Pure CEO Mark A. Duffy for more details.

FE: What are the benefits of combining the two names? Has anything changed with the goals/structure of the organization?

DUFFY: Universal Pasteurization and Universal Cold Storage have always operated under the same management with the same goal – to help ensure the safety and quality of foods and beverages from the beginning of the cold chain all the way to the customer. Changing to Universal Pure allows us to more clearly and accurately communicate our mission to always look ahead to advance the safety of what we eat and drink. Our new name reflects our legacy reputation with Universal and intentionally messages the importance of integrity, quality, and safety with Pure. As the leader in the third party outsourcing network of HPP and other pre-HPP and post-HPP value-added services, we will utilize our name change as a platform to provide thought leadership and advocacy of the many benefits of high pressure processing…


The full article can be viewed here.